Dear Readers (a.k.a. Really Cool People):

Just a heads up…

My book is nearing completion.  Still some kinks and pages to smooth out and rearrange, but it’ll soon be available on Amazon.  I wanted to include a piece of Bazooka bubble gum for each person to enjoy while reading, but my publisher axed the idea and suggested I get an MRI to have my brain scanned.

“Ros,” he said, “Do you realize how difficult it would be to put even a small block of gum inside a book?”

“Tootsie Roll?”

“You’re killing me, Ros.”


That’s when I heard the phone line disconnect.

Guess I’m glad he spoke up. I cancelled my order of 35,000 pieces of gum from Bazooka International.  Been a real stressful week.

That’s probably a lot more information than you ever needed to hear.  Anyhooo, I’ll keep you posted as the book’s completion date nears.

Have a great day everyone!



Copyright Ros Hill 2018


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