I’m Ros Hill and I am the author/illustrator of two children’s books: Unexpected Tails and Shamoo, A Whale of a Cow.  The purpose of this blog is to unleash my writings that have literally been harboring in my art studio for far too long.

In addition to painting images of the unexpected, I also enjoy writing—sharing the experiences that have uniquely shaped my ideas and impacted my life.  They are moments ranging from imperfect happiness to tragic inspiration—the real stuff that makes us laugh and think.  Whether I’m writing of a touching event or confessing a mindless mishap, there is always a message.  The stories I write do more than just entertain.  They remind us to stop and savor anything and everything that you might think is trivial.  For it is within the events of everyday living that humor and insight evolve.

For someone who was chased down by a bull elephant in South Africa, I will be the first to tell you that it’s not just the smaller things in life that we shouldn’t take for granted.  Trust me, elephants can make a huge imprint on you.

Enough said.  Read on.








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